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2.1 Checking Voltage
Please check the voltage of the pack before using. The voltage difference between any two cells should not be too huge, if within 30mV, no need to charge.
If between 30mV-100mV, re-charging is advised. If the voltage difference of two cells is too huge beyond 100mV, re-charging is required before usages. Due
to the one with lower voltage may happen to over-discharge while using, causing battery swelling, heating, and finally deteriorating the performance and
shortening the cycle life.
2.2 Discharging Current
Never discharge batteries with current over the designed maximum continuous discharging current which was regulated in relevant specifications, or the
performance may be deteriorated and cycle life be shortened, causing overheating and even swelling, breakage, internal short-circuit, etc.
2.3 Discharging Temperature
If the surface temperature exceeds 65℃ while functioning, the battery should be suspended using until it cools down to ambient temperature naturally. Higher
temperature may result in battery swelling and performance deterioration.
2.4 Cut-off Voltage
Please make sure the cut-off voltage is not lower than 3.0V, and we highly recommend not lower than 3.3V, otherwise the battery’s performance may be severely
affected because of over-discharging.