FAQ Content


1.1 First charge
Please do not use the new batteries directly, but to fully charge it first with the specific Lipo balance-charger.
1.2 Charger
Use specific Lipo balance-charger only. Other types of charger are not recommended to charge our batteries.
1.3 Charging Current
Never charge batteries with current over the maximum charging current which was regulated by specifications. Higher setting may lead to charging insufficiency,
inferior in performance, heating and even leakage.
1.4 Charging Voltage
Allow lithium batteries to cool fully before re-charging. Charge lithium batteries at no more than 4.20V per cell. As for battery pack in series, please choose
balance charging or charge each cell respectively. Series charging is not recommended.
1.5 Charging Temperature
Batteries must be charged at a place within the temperature ranged from 15? to 35? , or it may lead to the reduction of charging &discharging efficiency,
charging insufficiency.
1.6 Reverse charging is prohibited
Please correctly connect the positive (+) and negative (-) electrode of the battery, and strictly avoid reverse charging. Otherwise, the battery would not be
chargeable. Meanwhile, reverse charging will reduce the charging& discharging performance and security of the battery, even result in heating or leakage.
1.7 Disposal of abnormal phenomena while charging
If there’s any abnormal condition occurs during the charging process, please discontinue the charging process immediately and consult relevant professionals
for disposal.